Progress report

Though I was skeptical at the beginning of the year for what I would do with my final paper and project so far they are coming along well. For my research paper I have found a plethora of blogs and news pages on the subject of racism against Muslims. There have been so many incidents against Muslims this past year due to the recent ISIS attacks many have lashed out against the Muslim community even our presidential candidates have stooped down to the level of bashing the Muslim community. Most notable of doing this has been presidential candidate Donald Trump. You might say his candidacy took off after the Paris attacks where he was so openly racist against Muslim’s stating they should all were tags so you know who they are even stooping to the level of saying Muslims should be banned. I have found so much information that my complaints about the length of the paper are done, I feel comfortable where the paper is going and how good it can be. Now with my semester project I am extremely confident in me and joe’s website. We should have it up and running soon with content on every team like I stated in my last blog post, I still have a couple interviews to finish up due to everyone’s busy schedule but I am working on being done with all of them by the end of this week. So everything is going good and I am feel very positive on the work I have done so far.

Willie Brown

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