Last week we had the awesome opportunity to Skype with Justin Peters, author of the book The Idealist. It was such a great experience to hear him answer the questions we prepared and hear the story behind his book.

I was happy to hear him respond to my question. I was surprised when he mentioned that he thought that the base we pay for music subscriptions now is actually underpriced. This made me think because my opinion was that too many subscriptions would mean a lot of expenses for our pockets, but he explained how many of the underground artists who are featured on these services don’t get compensated the way they should. After hearing his response I started realizing how much this can actually hurt the careers of those artists and felt a little different about paying for music subscriptions.

At the end of our discussion Mr. Peters left us with a question himself. To adapt or to regulate the web. I believe that we should adapt with the new innovations of the internet and technology just like we have been for years. If we simply sit and think about how the internet and technology got to being the what they are today, all we have been doing is adapting. If stricter regulations are  implemented then we will be just be crippled while there is a world of new opportunities for us to conquer. Of course, content/media producers, and artist should be recognized and compensated for their work, but we shouldn’t be completely exiled from accessing their work because we have to pay royalties.

– Yanilis Checo


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