Semester Project – Alex C.

Starting out the semester project I had no idea what to do, I was thinking a long time abut things that I wanted to do but I could never figure out how I would do it or if the finished product would be good enough. After talking it over with Professor Proctor, he told me to do something I am interested in, and something that I would enjoy doing. Therefore, I created the Instagram account mville_ootd. Here I share outfits and inspiration from the student body, and other bloggers.

I have utilized the account to raise awareness also, which I think is very important. Last week Ecuador got struck by earthquakes, and a few of the girls and guys at the campus put on their Ecuador jerseys and started collecting donations for the people who got affected by the earthquakes. I shared their outfits as the #ootd in order to help raise awareness about the issue, and I shared their link where they collect donations.

I have gotten different responses from different people. Some thins the account is stupid, and got surprised when I told them I was the creator of it. However, many people had a better response to it. Many have said they think it is a cute idea, and that they like it.

I have realized that the more hashtags I use, the more likes a picture gets – but that was kind of my hypothesis from the start. Difficulties has been posting pictures when I haven’t been on campus. It is hard to take an outfit-of-the-day of mville students if I am not there obviously.

I have enjoyed doing this project because I think it is fun with fashion, and I like how people can share their outfits and inspiration in order to inspire others! And also – I am a frequent Instagram user..

Hope you all like it!

– Alex Carlbom-


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