Peter’s reaction

Our skype chat with Justin peters was very interesting to me. I had never been apart of a class were we were able to speak with the author of the book we read and personally I found that really cool. To actually find out what was going through Justin’s head while writing the book was fascinating, like when he was asked about whether it was smart to wait until your halfway through the book to actually bring up Justin peter’s. Watching him go back and forth and wonder if it was the right decision showed me how difficult it must be to be a writer. To have to make those decisions and to decide what’s right and wrong for the sake of the book must have been hard for peters. I also found it interesting that Peter’s had to go through numerous editors for this book, to have multiple people looking at the book and making changes couldn’t have been easy to the author. To see peters, talk so passionately about a topic he intentionally was not interested in was kind of weird. I don’t think if I was ever assigned to do something that I would become so involved with it after my assignment was done, and he not only got interested in it he wrote a book about it. I also found it fascinating that the parents of peters did not read the book until half a year after it was released, I thought they would have loved to read it but I could understand why it would hurt to read it and why they waited. To conclude I thought this was a really cool thing professor Proctor did for us and I would love if in the future I got to meet Peter’s because of his outgoing personality.

Willie Brown

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