Semester Project: Joe Bettini & Willie Brown


Willie and I decided to take on the semester project together, in the beginning we had very innovated ideas for the site itself, to make it interactive and what not, well… we kind of failed on that. The site itself looks great, it’s simple, modern, and just a touch of sexy. We honestly wanted to do more with it, content and creative wise, but we did what we could with the resources and time that we had. Hopefully this is something that we both can expand on after the semester is over and start back up again in August when the Fall sports teams start to show up for training.

In my personal opinion I feel that if we decided to continue with this idea, we would have to choose whether to stick with either a website concept or blog concept. I have had much success with blogging on Manhattanville sports, and if will Willie is willing and has the time, I feel that we would make good team for the future of reporting Mville sports through a blog.

Joe Bettini

Willie Brown

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