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For our Final Project, Alyson and I created geotags. The first one was made for Quad Jam. I created Ace Hood from scratch in Illustrator, which took about 4 hours. Even though we crossed our fingers for approval our geotag was not even viewed in time for the event. Since we could not get this geotag approved in time, and it was our final project, we decided to make a buzz feed on how to submit geotags the right way so other people like us won’t make the same mistakes as we did. We also decided to create a new geotag, but this time weeks in advanced, for graduation.


4 thoughts on “GeoTags

  1. Great project! I really like the Buzz feed blog, because I had no idea how create a geotag, but now I do! Creative and awesome idea!

  2. I really like how your graphic design came out for our project. It was great to work with such a good graphic designer and put our heads together!

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