Semester Project!

Hello, all!

As stated in an earlier entry, my semester project is a demo blog of a larger blog that is currently in production of being set up.

The series is called Kat and the V-Pets (Kat being my penname and V-Pets meaning virtual pets) with the working full title of Kat and the V-Pets: When Virtual Pets Take Over (can’t decide what cheesy title this blog deserves). It’s a combination of a blog about the progress of my Tamagotchi pets and the creative stories about the “lives” of my Webkinz pets, and whatever “virtual pets” I may want to feature. I am also going to talk a lot about socio-emotional skills by telling stories of situations my virtual pets go through where they need to learn new life skills. It sounds weird, but I’m going to make it work.

It’s mostly going to be a creative showcase of my creative works associated with my virtual pets along as a mental health discussion blog, and I’m going to make it tie in together as much as possible.

Feel free to check out the demo blog at
(still posting some more content but it’s set up right now to a point where it’s shareable)

I explain the concept a lot more in depth in the first post of the blog.

Enjoy! Thanks!

-Katie Leiper


One thought on “Semester Project!

  1. Intersting project. Its crazy how you started this so long ago and touched it up for the project.
    Very different!

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