Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s success

Tim Berners- Leee is the inventor of the World Wide Web. He created the web in 1989, after he graduated from Oxford University. He founded the Web Foundation, which goal and mission is to serve humanity. Tim is an activist for privacy, freedom and openness of the Web. Aaron Swartz saw Tim Berners- Lee as his hero and he spoke highly of him. He wanted the Web and information to be free just as Tim did so we could educate ourselves freely. Tim invented the Web while at CERN ( The European Organization for Nuclear Research). His first web client and server was written in 1990. He is now a Professor of Engineering in the School of Engineering, teaches computer science at the Massachusettes Institute of Technology (MIT), and is the professor in electronics and computer science department at the University of Southampton, UK. In 2011 Tim was named to the board of Trustees of the Ford Foundation, a global private foundation which goal is to better human welfare. Also he is the president of London’s Open Data Institute. In 2013 he was awarded the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering for creating an innovation that has impacted the world in such a powerful way and innovations in engineering that has been a global benefit to humanity. Tim Berners – Lee has accomplished and still is accomplishing things is his life that he probably never dreamed of. He is a successful and smart man who has gave something to the world, we can say, someone else never has.


-Sarah Kelley


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