You can never have too much knowledge.

While I agree that information has great value, I disagree that all information is good information. Human beings have always relentlessly pursued information to further our survival as well as increase our knowledge about the universe we live in. However although I see the point of such an endeavor, it is a idea fueled by our own selfish hunger to understand everything. Information can be both warped and ignored, regardless information serves the needs of he/she that contains the knowledge. More often than not we use information against one another rather than using it the further the good of us all. In addition I think to a certain extent we trap ourselves in the cycle of over consumtion of information.

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I have a belief that there is no such thing as learning too much. I believe that any information is good information, and can be valuable. Some information, more valuable than others, but all information no matter how important adds to the overall intelligence of a human being. This relates to the idea of cognitive surplus. By having the ability to consume more media than ever before at the tip of our fingertips, and being apart of the first generation to do so, we have the ability to gain more information than any generation before us. I believe that, that fact alone has helped grow the overall intelligence of our generation. Thoughts?

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3 thoughts on “You can never have too much knowledge.

  1. There are definitely times that I feel very overwhelmed with media, the daily news that I receive everyday, the information that I am learning in class, all of the passwords I have to remember for my devices, my training at work, etc. There seems to be so much to take in on a daily basis. Sometimes the best way to just get away from all of the media and overwhelming intake of information is to turn off all of your electronics and cellular devices that you use to communication and to receive information from. Although this idea may seem daunting to some, it can be very therapeutic. Just try it!

  2. I agree. I believe that at times it can be overwhelming the amount of media we have at our finger tips. (Social media, texting, emails, phone, ect..) So I agree it’s important at time it’s important to turn off your phone and to focus in on the world around you. Especially in the classroom environment! 🙂 However, I believe that you can find a lot of useful information on the internet that can apply to school and educational purposes. All and all, i believe we as a society just need to monitor how much media/ devices we use on daily bases.

  3. I completely agree with you, with the advancement of technology it is far fetched that we would not benefit from it. With information all around us, big or small, it is impossible for us not to notice it. Going off of how you mentioned we are the first generation to have this capability, we are the guinea pigs of this era. We are learning and creating in ways never before, do we know exactly how this will affect us in years to come? Probably not but, as of right now I do not see how it can slow us down from growing and becoming more intelligent.

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