Is the Internet making us great?

I believe that there are many beliefs on whether or not the internet is simply taking up empty space in our brains or allowing us to become more knowledge. The internet is truly a simply global system that translates information to users. Saying this, I believe it’s a type of feed which allows us users to learn more and become more active with the society around us. From CNN to Facebook along with several social media websites, they all can be a source of news broadcasters.

However, not everything on the internet can be true nor should be informational. Ever since certain social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram have become worldwide there has been a significant increase in suicides linked to cyber bullying. So the question is the internet making us intelligent is still an unanswered question. Aside from social media, there also are many websites that relay information that is not necessarily true for example, there are many different types of websites on the internet that can be edited by anyone which can result in unreliability.  For a college student this is filling the brain with not empty material but, material that is not statistically correct. However, there are many things that are knowledgeable on the internet and can be an excellent learning tool. Now a day many people quick search google with tends to be more knowledgeable than some may think. Regardless of the website or social media page, the internet can create the brain capacity to become more intelligent.


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