Let’s Put Our Minds to Use

There is no doubt that the internet is a powerful source of knowledge. You can type in nearly any question and get an answer instantaneously. How do I get from Manhattanville College to Yankee Stadium? Google it. How do i tie a tie? Google it. How many galaxies are in the universe? You can even google that.

However, along with all the knowledge we gain from the internet comes pitfalls. Unfiltered opinions and worthless apps that take up space in our mind because of their addictive nature. While its possible to learn from apps like Twitter and Snapchat, I bet everybody in this class uses these wastefully 99% of the time, looking up funny memes and “snapping” pictures of your food. I am guilty of this.

When you are on your phone, what are you doing? Think about it. Odds are you play a game to waste some time, check your twitter mentions, scroll through Instagram a few times. All things that do not develop any sort of intelligence.

Before we had a million ways to waste our time, we had focus. It’s difficult to concentrate on anything nowadays when a cheap laugh is always in your pocket. Information overload is a thing, and so is waste overload. There are too many unproductive, lazy things in the world that distract us from our reality. Our attention spans as humans have decreased rapidly during this technological age. Internet addiction has become mainstream, and has many of the same effects as a gambling addiction. It’s about impulse control.

Many apps are a waste of our time. They fill our mind with worthless things and leave no room for intellectual growth. Our minds are powerful, and we should put them to use to develop ourselves for the better, something most of us are not doing right now.


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