A different take on the anonymous feature.

I believe that there is a tremendous amount of judgment that goes on in the world we live in today. It has become so habitual that people do not even realize that they have embedded biases that naively force them to judge a person. Some judgment may stem from other reasons like jealously. With the advancement of technology users have the ability to create much more than ever before. With that being said, people who have been afraid to create or post something will refrain primarily due to the fact of being judged or called weird. I myself have refrained from posting a picture because I was afraid of what other people would think or say. Today, those who might not have the backbone to brush off a mean comment can post and create as much as they want thanks to the anonymous button. I believe that having the ability to be anonymous creates room for advancement. The user can speak his or her mind without fear of their viewer to know who they are. Anonymous lets the shy live a little bit more. Of course some users abuse the power of being anonymous and leave unnecessary comments, but I don’t think the anonymous feature is to blame, I believe it’s the person behind it.

2 thoughts on “A different take on the anonymous feature.

  1. I really like how you brought yourself into this, giving your own personal example. I defiantly agree with your views. My favorite part was where you said “I believer its the person behind it”.

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