Anonymity is a Problem

Anonymity on the internet has effected the way humans interact with each other online, and in person. Children learn by interacting with each other and picking up facial and social cues. The internet has allowed a place for interaction without these cues, and without an understanding for the effects of words.

My interactions with people have changed throughout the growth of new technology. Talking face to face comfortably is seen as a skill now instead of a basic requirement. There is no question that humans have less “people skills” than we did before all this technology. All this blame falls on my generation, the millennials.

We are the first generation to grow up with this new technology, and that is why it has become essential. Forms of communication like texts have become the preferred method. Talking to somebody on the phone has become less popular, and according to a Forbes article, millennials find talking on the phone “intrusive.” I don’t mind a phone call, but I agree with Forbes here in saying that millennials find it uncomfortable. Most of the people I know share the same sentiment.

One thing about anonymity on the internet is that anything can be said, and it cannot be traced back to you. Formspring was a website that exemplified the effect of anonymity. People would set up their own accounts where literally anybody could make comments about them anonymously. I saw the most vile things ever written on this website, things I would never tell another person, ever. What Formspring showed was how easy it is to say hurtful things when you don’t see the effect of it.

New technology has changed the way humans interact with each other for the worse. We live in a time where texting is more comfortable than talking face to face with somebody. The way humans interact will continue to develop, but i am not optimistic about our future.


One thought on “Anonymity is a Problem

  1. Formsrping was a great outlet for cyber bullies to let everyone know how they felt about their peers. It;s very interesting that when they changed their whole interfase and/or platform, many users deleted their accounts and all of their comments to other users on this form of (what-used-to-be anonymous) social media.

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