Anonymity is Power

Words are our most powerful weapon. Words can burn like a slap to the face but, eternally. Words are not easily forgotten. They stick with us, we carry them in our minds like dead weight.

The factor that usually discourages us from drawing our sharpest sword is fear. We fear that what we may say, knowing it cannot ever be taken back, may hit us short-after with regret.

But now in 2016 we have a feature that leaves so much power in our hands, in anybodies hands. That is for us to decide whether we use it for good or bad.

Anonymity can be used as a shield. Some sit behind glowing screens typing away all the worst things you can say to a person. Ulitimatly theres a detachment that goes along with the capability of being anonymous. The people reading it have no clue who has said these hurtful things, and the writer can play along too. It’s easy to play along, if nobody knows who said it- its almost like nobody has. We can trick our mines into desensitizing to this matter. We don’t see the victim crying to themselves in front of a mirror asking what they did to deserve this. Anonymity has the power to kill, when used for bad.

Anonymity can also be used for good believe it or not. The internet is a safe zone for many people, you can be whoever you want. Sometime the shyest people in person, have the loudest voice online. Therefore, for some people they say things they are just to scared to say in person. Anonymous comments aren’t always negative, I’ve seen many encouraging ones. As bad as it hurts to receive a hurtful message, it feels just as good to receive an empowering one. It reminds you there is good in the world. People, strangers in this context, care about you and respect you.

Like most things, anonymity is what we make it. It is a weapon we must use wisely.

One thought on “Anonymity is Power

  1. For many in our society, words being used as a weapon can be such a strange concept. However, Donald Trump’s rhetoric has become such a huge topic of discussion, throughout the 2016 Elections, brining light to just how important good word choice can be.

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