Anonymity Online

Today, people are able to keep their identity a secret by remaining anonymous on the internet. I see it to be both a negative and positive thing to have today. By people being able to keep their identity a secret they feel more secure about sharing how they feel and truly think on social media. They can express themselves without feeling any judgement from others. For example with online class work like this, commenting on other students work people can feel more confident expressing how they feel and what they think about their classmates response to the prompts. This helps the other students receive positive feed back even not knowing who is on the other side of the scree.  On the negative side by people being anonymous they can say rude things without consequences. This would make it easier for them to bully or make fun of people because they aren’t getting hurt, just hurting others. People can easily be bullied online in todays society especially with anonymity. I believe there is both a positive and negative side to being invisible online and both can have a great impact on others.

2 thoughts on “Anonymity Online

  1. Social media, like many other inventions and advancements in technology, were created with good intentions. However, the users on social media are what can make or break such a delicate community. There needs to be more security and monitoring of social media communities, in order to ensure that there are no offensive or discriminatory posts that may lead to cyber bullying.

  2. I agree with you completely. I think being anonymous online gives individuals the chance to express themselves. However, I believe that at the same time it may give individuals too much power. In the sense they may go over the line and become cruel in giving a voice. So I definitely agree you have to look at the positive and negative sides of the argument.

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