Hiding behind a screen.

In the world today there is a certain fear when someone you don’t know messages you on Facebook, Instagram, or twitter. Its normal nowadays for people to accept a friend request from people we don’t really know. We have to ability to meet and talk to people from around the world. Some people are actually in relationships with people they have never met before, but have met on a social media site and have a “long distant relationship”. We have these people who have never saw each other in person for years. Well, how do we know these people are real? The new term for this is Catfishing. It is when someone is lying about who they are and what they look like to the person they are talking to or in an online relationship with. There are so many incidents of this that MTV actually made a T.V show out of it. This is happening in our world today because it is easier to hide behind a screen and act like someone you aren’t then to put yourself out there and be with someone who likes you for you.

I believe that people do this because of the way the people that actually know them put them down for being who they really are. Bullying has become something that used to happen straight to someone’s face, to either annoymously insulting someone on a website you can hide your name on. Askme.com and Formspring were huge websites that allowed people to say whatever they wanted to say to someone without the person knowing it was them. Usually these websites were filled with nothing but insults, threats, harsh words and names. The people that disguise themselves on social media websites and act like someone else usually have self esteem issues that branch out into the society that they are exposed to. Teenagers are cowards that hurt other people to act “cool” and be “popular”. Being mean to someone and bullying them, especially anonymously are not cool or popular, they have self esteem issues themselves and to make them feel better, they make fun of others in return.

This is a domino affect in the online world. These website creators are allowing other people to anonymously insult others and they are making millions off of their website. They can care less who is being affected and how they are handling it. The internet gives us the opportunity to be someone that we aren’t. We have the ability to go on google and take a picture of someone that looks like a model and make it our profile picture, we can change our name and be someone that we would love to be. This is why people end up being Catfished, for the simple fact that in reality expectations are high and you can be in an online relationship with someone that is completely out of your league outside the internet world. Some people in this world don’t know how to communicate if it isn’t through text or a social media site. The communications skills that we are supposed to have, that past generations had are completely gone. We can’t even sit at the dinner table, or go out on a date with someone without looking at our phones to see what other people are doing. It is a crazy world out there, we just need to be aware and make sure we don’t hurt or encourage anyone to be someone they aren’t.


One thought on “Hiding behind a screen.

  1. It’s very unfortunate that there are so many followers and not a leader, causing a positive impact in the lives of others. It breaks my heart that so many people take their own lives, due to the humility and/or cyber bullying being brought onto them by their own peers.

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