Is the Internet making us dumber?

It is important to know the balance between the gifts and curses of technology. Technology gives us as much power as it takes away, connects us as much as divides us and only by understanding the tools our generation have been given can we truly prove those that came before wrong. Keep up the fight!

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In the last decades, technology advancement has rapidly increased, gifting us with the world wide web and so many other useful advancements that make everyday life  much easier. So much information is  accessible to us by the simple touch of our fingertips and many have argued that this has made us lazy. I constantly hear that my generation is addicted and engulfed in their phones, and terribly distracted by social media and all that comes with it. I hear that we have lost focus and become brainwashed. But that is something I have to disagree with. I don’t believe that having too much knowledge or having it this easily accessible to us makes us dumber, but instead makes us thirst for more knowledge. I believe that we are, in many ways, addicted to gaining more knowledge. We check our phones to see what our friend Jane is doing on Instagram or Facebook, We check…

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2 thoughts on “Is the Internet making us dumber?

  1. I agree that a lot of people use the internet for social media. However, I personally believe the internet can be a great tool for educational and research purposes. Especially coming from the perspective of a student.

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