“Storage Memory Full”

“Storage Memory Full”, is a pop up we have all learned to hate and not only for the obvious reasons. This pop up usually  leads to a deep sigh, as now, you will take a nostalgic trip through the apps of your phone before having to take an even more nostalgic trip in your photos app. You will feel a bit of embarrassment, as you delete impulse downloads and buys, such as “the corny joke app” or “jamoji” (Yes these do exist, and Jamoji is indeed the Jamaican emoji app, and if you’re judging me, please go back and read “impulse” with emphasis.) You will realize how much of a hoarder you are, as you scroll past the game you beat about 6 months ago, but will keep for nostalgic purposes even though you really don’t have the space for it. Other Games I have downloaded, delete. “Duolingo”?, I no longer want to pretend I’m putting effort into learning a new language…delete. You scroll over The “Mville Access” app that you haven’t used lately but will keep because of you have a conscience; to press delete would feel like betrayal. And of course, the apps like “Stock” and “News” that Apple has taken upon itself to install on your phone but you never use cause you a bit of frustration because you can’t delete them. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, are apps I use daily so they won’t be considered, along with Pinterest which really does come in handy. And of course, YouTube, will not be considered as it is and continues to be my favorite app because of it’s abundance in Cat Videos, Make Up Tutorials and the embarrassing “story times” and “vlogs” which YouTubers choose to share with us. And now it is time to dive into photos.

3 thoughts on ““Storage Memory Full”

  1. This cracked me up, we really all have been there. That popup is nearly heart breaking. Its frustrating that the news and podcast apps get to stick around for all of eternity and I have to part with my beloved 65+ photo shoot photos of my dog. Whats even worse is when you delete upwards of 150 picture AND an app or two and you still cant take one single picture.

  2. I thought this was really entertaining to read. Every single person can relate to this “Storage Memory Full” pop up. The reaction to that pop up is always a sigh of annoyance. That is the only time you actually look through your phone and see the nonsense that you downloaded years ago.

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