Yik Yak

Colgate University is located in the beautiful and peaceful Hamilton, NY. The voice of the podcast would be Melissa Melendez. She talks about her time at Colgate University. Melissa Melendez grew up poor and received a scholarship to go to Colgate. Colgate is a primarily white campus. Anyone that was a little bit different was scrutinized for the color of his or her skin/there background. This discrimination happened over an app called Yik Yak. The problem with Yik Yak is that everything is anonymous. People could say whatever they wanted without the fear of getting caught.

Melissa Menendez and others told their story to inform others what kind of discrimination they went through on a daily basis. The thing that is different about this podcast is that it is mainly interviews of students telling their story. It is not just one person telling the stories of anonymous people. The personal stories in this podcast make it more personable to people to have gone through similar discrimination. My question here is, Yik Yak is clearly an app that is used to hurt others. There are more negatives than positives to this app. With all the negativity that follows this app, why is it still used frequently? Why has nothing been done to stop this app from causing any more damage?

3 thoughts on “Yik Yak

  1. I agree with you completely. If this app is a perfect opportunity for cyber bullying I don’t know why it’s not addressed. I think there should be be more restrictions on the app of what can be posted. I think the app should have consequences such as a temporary block for users who abuse the app.

  2. I do agree with you. I simply doesn’t make sense that an application like this hasn’t been shut down. However, the users involved with this application may say positive attributes about it because they may think what they’re doing is ok. I think if anything this app should not be allowed to be anonymous. This would prevent people from saying such terrible things.

  3. Why do you think that the students were so brave enough to share their negative experiences on Colgate University’s campus? And in comparison to the victimized students, why did the “protesting” students only remain actively opinionated online? What does this say about the two groups of people? (Hint: Think deeper. Do you think these students are truly racist, or just hiding behind a screen because they think it is just a cruel joke?)

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