99% Invisible’s Perfect Security

The podcast 99% Invisible discusses the investigates the reality of security in a lock. The lock has been a defense against theft since the birth of structured society. This podcast describes the innovations of the lock and how lock pickers have always managed to breach their security.

This podcast is unique in its preliminary narrative, describing a lock picking scene like those in a movie. Anyone who has watched a suspense film has likely seen the typical breaking-and-entering moments. 99% Invisible relates to listeners with this beginning; they can imagine what they’ve seen before and wonder how exactly it can be achieved. Then that question is answered with interview segments and overviews of past events.

The speaker’s voice is buoyant and positive as he describes inventors’ constant falls and advancements in creating a lock that cannot be breached. But someone else is always able to pick the impossible. His voice reflects the notable tension but with a positive tone regarding the value in the information he is sharing. This podcast was unique,  entertaining, and informative.



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