Reply All: Yik Yak

This podcast told the story of Melissa Melendez and her quest against racism at Colgate University. They previously reported on the story a year earlier, but revisited it in the wake of the ever changing racial landscape in the United States, specifically at universities. The voice of the podcast is one of a storyteller. The narrator interviews people beforehand and pieces together the story he wants to tell. This podcast is separated from others in its clean cut nature. Each episode explores one specific topic extensively. The podcast does not have a “live” nature to it like many do. Reply All is also more likely to explore topics too deep for many media outlets.

As far as the actual app of Yik Yak goes, it is a problem. Anonymous posting has led to more destruction than construction, and when users are unchecked, literally anything can be written and read by the world. I have used Yik Yak at a major university once, and I saw some vile things, so personally I can relate to the shock Melissa and many other people have when they open that app. The creators of the app knew what would come of it, as anonymity on the internet was here a long time before the app was. Yik Yak promotes a terrible concept to me, and I will never use it again.


One thought on “Reply All: Yik Yak

  1. In terms of people posting negative and/or hurtful things online anonymously, did you ever reply to these comments? Or did you just keep scrolling and ignore it?

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