Response to Yik Yak

It’s hard to believe that some people from Colgate University could go on Yik Yak and say these awful things about race. Melissa Melendez spoke out and showed her pride for minorities meanwhile people on Yik Yak were sending her death threats. Predominantly of Colgate University was white so they looked at Melissa for her race not as a person. I personally think that Yik Yak is harmful and is used as a weapon in a sense to it’s victims. The worse thing about this all is that all these comments are completely anonymous. It blows my mind that students could go on to a site and threaten someone’s life and actually feel good about it. This is a form of cyber bullying that could lead the victim to harming themselves or even worse, suicide. Yik Yak should be shut down or take off their anonymous feature. I think the anonymity should end just because simply some people don’t understand the concept of respecting the feature.

3 thoughts on “Response to Yik Yak

  1. I completely agree with you about Yik Yak being shut down. Any experience i’ve has with this application has been nothing but terrible. The fact that it’s legal to have an app that can cause such racial profiling and harassment is truly sickening.

  2. I totally agree that something needs to be done about Yik Yak. Many people have been terribly hurt by the app. People don’t understand how hurtful words can be and how much words could hurt a person of lead them to make life changing decisions.

  3. Just something to think about, why do you think people are not seen as people? Doesn’t your race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexuality. etc make you who you are? Or are these just aspects of your profile?

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