The one tweet that ruined Justine Sacco

“Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!” these pity words twitted by Justine Sacco affected more than just her follows. When Sacco traveled from New York to South Africa she tweeted this harsh message and by the time she landed in South Africa all of her followers as well as hundreds of thousands of other people knew about this tweet. Soon after, she found that her new communications were at stake, she had been fired. This sense of oral vulnerability had taught a lot of lessons to people from that point on. Many people may not think that something as simple as a tweet could ever come remotely close to ruining their life. Sacco no only had lost her job but also lost many close friends. Many of the people associated with Justine wanted nothing to do with her simply because she made this mistake that could have easily been prevented.

This after effect was harder than some may think for Justine. There are many people that make mistakes, however Sacco was modified and her actions clearly were not. Sacco couldn’t go very far without someone pointing her out, calling her names or simply giving her a dirty look. Before reading this article, I knew that saying discriminated racial things over the internet was never a good idea and simply could disrespect anyone. However, after reading this article I believe a lot more is put into perspective of how powerful someone’s words can be. Justine as well as many others have made mistakes over social media that have changed their lives.

2 thoughts on “The one tweet that ruined Justine Sacco

  1. While the tweet was understandably found as bering very offensive, do you think that Justine Sacco is actually a racist? At a deeper level, does our social media define who we are?

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