Yik Yak Returns

Being from a different country, where the minority is the majority , did give me a very separate view on life and how to react to certain situations. Growing up, racism and white supremacy were things only heard of in movies regarding the South of the United States. These ideals seemed distant, old, of the past. America was a movie, a golden pavement full of opportunities, we made jokes of the conservative south, the liberal north and the “middle of nowhere” states like Maine. When I moved here, I became exposed to so many different cultures, backgrounds, languages, and I came to respect them because they were so different. And then came the Black Lives Matter Movement, The All Lives Matter movement,  and the Trump Campaign. And slowly I began to realize that this, was not of the past, this was not a movie, this was real life. What I had come to love and respect about America, the melting pot, was also something many people had a problem with. This racism and ignorance  was something people went through everyday. Ignorance was alive, racism was alive and it was scary.  This episode of 99% invisible was mostly captivating because it was so relatable. I sat and listened to a college student, like myself, talk about her experiences. How she stood up for what she believed in and helped to create a group that further reflected her believes and empower other students on campus who found themselves in a situation similar to hers. I saw in her bravery and courage, the type some only seem to get from behind their keyboards. She refused to be the victim any longer and this podcast gave her a voice in which to do so. This podcast gave a further voice to the minority which we lack. But more importantly, it was not only a voice of pity but to push awareness to more people in our country.

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