2 Memes We All Love


There is one thing that anyone from ages 14-25 can agree on-Spongebob is the greatest show to ever exist.

I have only came across a few people in this age group who have not picked up on my perfectly placed Spongebob references. And to those people who don’t, I have not an ounce of trust in you.

It is an absolute phenomenon. The majority of people in this age range can almost simultaneously quote spongebob at the most appropriate times. It’s something that connects us all. For lack of better words, it’s basically the biggest inside joke to ever exist. How about that? A cartoon is what brings teens and adults together, no matter of race or ethnicity. Even people worldwide can agree on this.

Therefore, I’m not surprised that these Spongebob memes have become huge. Its like the one thing we can all actually agree on. I don’t really think there is a deeper meaning behind it, except for the fact that it is one thing that connects a whole span of people. Unlike Pepe the frog there is no hidden political meaning. In fact Sponge bob may be the only thing Hilary supporters and Trump Supporters agree on. So on that note,

Spongebob 2016 !!!


2 thoughts on “2 Memes We All Love

  1. “For lack of better words, it’s basically the biggest inside joke to ever exist.”– I totally agree with this. Every generation has a set of inside jokes that a majority knows about and understands.

  2. I totally agree with this! I enjoy these memes because I remember watching Spongebob when i was about 8 years old. It is a show that will be remembered forever and that makes the meme ten times more hilarious!

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