Images Speak Louder Than Words

The fire of cell phones with full keyboards and ultra fast internet connectivity was quickly extinguished with the rise of screens devoted to images. The BlackBerry used to be insanely popular for corporate professionals and avid email-senders. But now full-alphabet typing comes in the form of a touch screen. Now that these keys have become obsolete, a language of pictures and emoticons has been channelling our communication. It’s a culture shift with which the BlackBerry could not keep up. Understanding each other through text has its language barriers whereas visuals are universal. Now, not only is message sending instantaneous, but message receiving is too. Simply looking is required instead of reading. But what happens if/ when the written word becomes obsolete along with the BlackBerry? Will that be the point at which we have devalued our brains?

3 thoughts on “Images Speak Louder Than Words

  1. This is actually insanely interesting. Like to acknowledge that the use of picture or emoticons is much more universal is an interesting concept. Its also intriguing to think about whether we will lose written writing, part of me says that will never happen cause it just cannot, though realistically it is possible. Thats a scary thought.

  2. Just something to think about… If a “picture says a thousand words,” than why do we need a caption to associate with our images on social media?

  3. This is very interesting. I have never thought about this in that way. We are slowly losing language when it comes to communicating over text/ email. How much longer will it be until we don’t use emojis any more? What will be the next step of “communicating?”

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