Films VS. The Book

I thought this idea was really interesting from last class. I’ve  personally always loved films and always enjoy watching them. I know a lot of people argue that films and books are not the same thing. I agree films and books shouldn’t be compared.  I think film and books both have different aspects to appreciate about them. I’ve read plenty of books and seen the film. Some cases I’ve enjoyed the film better. I think it’s because I personally love films. However, I can understand the argument people make when they say films change things and leave parts out. I totally get that films don’t capture everything that the book did. However, I think the idea people don’t always see is films also add parts in. I think film directors make certain choices on what parts to add/ keep when creating a film so it fits the film. I think a lot of directors choices is the idea of whats going to look better for a film. Being dramatic effects, special effects, action, humor, more classical. What do viewers want to see. I say the same thing about changing or adding in different characters. I agree, some books have been better than the film though. I’ve also thought some films have been better than the books. I think it’s based off on perspective. So I can’t speak for everyone.

2 thoughts on “Films VS. The Book

  1. Books and movies cannot really be compared, as we discussed in class, because they are two different mediums. One story told in two different ways can only be differentiated by the experience and your perception of the story, as well as its characters. However, most readers and watchers have a preference of which story they experience first. How does this create expectations for one another?

  2. I totally agree that book and movies can’t be compared. Things often are different between the two. After reading most books and watching there counterpart movie, I have come to the conclusion that the books storyline is always more entertaining than the actual movie. Its weird right?

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