You make good points. I myself tend to side with movies, but I see the value in reading the story first hand. I believe no single medium is objectively better, it is simply up to personal interpretation.

Convergent Media | Divergent Voices

It’s funny, in class we were asked what would we rather have to understand a flower- a description or a picture? My first instinct was picture even though I see both important in understanding a flower. I then declared to myself that I must just be a visual learner, which I definitely am. Though I am a walking contradiction, so naturally there had to be something to go against this.

As for the Book vs. Movie topic, I will always side with the book. Funny, cause I had just acknowledged that I must be a visual learner…so wouldn’t you think I’d rather just go see a movie? Yes they are different, but in a lot of way they aren’t. It’s ultimately words vs. pictures, and yet within both options there is a little of the opposing. Am I making sense? Most likely not but hey.

Either way I find myself…

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