Am I Still Human?

We have this medium through which we connect more instantly, exchanging ideas and communicating where to meet for lunch. Technology and the internet are powerful; and perhaps they maintain a power beyond human control. They have infiltrated our society and wrapped themselves around our most vulnerable facets. They create fame in our internet-born social leaders, those who are Twitter-famous, YouTube-famous, and the like who are our influencers. But are these people adored and followed for their human qualities or the symbol that they represent? Is the answer to this question a positive or negative one? A symbol is perhaps more powerful than a mere human. A symbol more instantly generates dialogue.

Yet such dialogue is made through a technological means more so than face-to-face. We press “send” on words that we know won’t be a direct reflection of our identity– when on an anonymous platform. We show other eyes on screens what we want them to see. We create an extension of ourselves online that may or may not exist in the tangible world. We’ve contextualized an identity through digital relationships. Are we decontextualizing our human selves? Are our true selves decomposing or are we creating enlightened, fuller versions of ourselves? Is digitalization still human because it was created by humans? Are we human, digital, or both kinds of beings?



3 thoughts on “Am I Still Human?

  1. I agree with you completely. I think we are entering this world of ”digital humans”. As much as we still have our interactions face to face. We seem to always be on the digital or electronic end talking to someone on the other line.

  2. Why do people over exaggerate certain aspects of their lives on social media, as opposed to just displaying who they really are? For example, take a look at the social media profiles of your own friends. Are there tons of pictures of them going out and drinking with their other friends? Or are there pictures of them spending some time with their families?

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