That infamous tweet.

The Justine Sacco story was one of my favorite topics of the years because it tied into everything we have talked about with the effects of media. Not to mention how the effects of her actions were felt immediately after the tweet was sent out. But that isn’t the thing that really got me it was the reaction the tweet got. It was retweeted and was talked about by Millions. Millions and Millions of people say that tweet many becoming outraged due to its explicit content, but in the eye of Justine it was just a joke, kidding around. The things we learned from this story need to be taken into account. We as a group need to be more careful into what we put into this world, because something we think is funny may raise outrage in society.

I chose this blog post as my favorite because of the story it told, but also because of the lessons it showed. Trust me after seeing this my tweets will definitely be thought through before I send them.

One thought on “That infamous tweet.

  1. I agree! It’s easy to write about relatable topics. Some younger people may want to show Justine Sacco some sympathy because she made a careless mistake. However, someone who is older may not tolerate such ignorance.

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