Phone Call

I enjoy almost everything about trains. To me they tend to be very peaceful and a place where I can relax while time passes. Just like any other public place, there tends to be conversation among others some of which I tune into, while I intentionally tune out others. One specific example is the usage of phone conversations. This never really bothered me however, If I ever caught myself on the phone in a public area I would be careful what I said. This was mainly because I didn’t know anyone around me. Just like we were always taught as kids, don’t talk to strangers which to me is similar to talking on the phone in a public place. When you’re in a public place, such as on a train there is nothing but strangers surrounding you, therefore talking about your personal life could put your privacy at risk. However, depending on the conversation and whom I was talking too, this is what determined how my conversation went. In society today, anyone can create a sense of who you are and whom you may be talking to over a phone call. Talking through anonymity, giving out little to no information over a phone call I consider the safest route, unless you’re somewhere private.


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