What we see and hear on a daily bases connects us to the world we live in. The reason someone can sell a painting for millions of dollars or get famous of of a single song is because it can connect us to something that can’t easily be put into words. Art has a way of making us feel plugged into something.

Convergent Media | Divergent Voices

I love music. I’ve always have and always will. I feel like when I put my headphones on and tune into my music I am somehow in my own world. Even if I am surrounded with other people. I think music is an everlasting friend. It has always been there, and it will always be there. Taylor Swift once quoted ”People have’t always been there for me, but music always have.” ~Taylor Swift. I think Taylor’s statement couldn’t be more true. Whenever I am having a rough day or am stressed about something. I plug my headphones into  my iPod and press play. Music is like a form of therapy, that the funny thing is people sometimes don’t even recognize as a form of therapy. I think Music being transitioned into iPods and headphones within the 21st century has made a massive impact in the music industry. However, I think…

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