Instagram : A New Language

Social Media has made a great change in our lives. It has changed the way in which we communicate with each other, it has minimized distance and enabled us to speak freely on each platform. It has become not only a key part of our lifestyles, but a useful channel for businesses of any kind and has even come become apart of the way we view social status. Social Media has allowed as an elevated way of connection with our friends and family. We know what they’re doing within minutes, sometimes seconds, of when they post it. No matter how far away people are, social media enables us to have this ongoing connection and continuity of information about our friends. It has also introduced us to a “likes” and “follows” culture. Instagram is not just a platform to upload pictures but has become a community heavily based on likes and follows. In many articles, authors tackle the problematic rise of this new culture and how it plays a role in popularity and can ultimately affect one’s self esteem. Instagram has also revolutionized the selfie, which has also become heavily reliant on likes. In some cases, if people feel they haven’t gotten enough likes on a selfie, they’ll remove it. The amount of average likes one receives can also be a representation of social status. If Beyonce were to upload a blank white picture to her instagram, I can assure you that I would probably like it. This shows how social media has become a new way of language, where we express our liking of a person through following them and liking their content.

2 thoughts on “Instagram : A New Language

  1. I agree with what you said about social media changing our lives, especially for young people. Visual communications has become more valued than written and/or oral communication.

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