collectors and their memories

These three readings while all talking about different things are eerily similar to one another. The first reading of “Unpacking my Library” is one that shows how collector collects books, the reasons why collectors collect books in addition to whether one collector writes out the books or purchases them new. While the author of the second reading of “Unpacking my Record Collection” compares his experience of unpacking his record collection  to that of the first authors experience of unpacking their library. In a way they both coincide with one another, both texts are very meta meaning they understand they are a text and even reference each other and make connections. For example in the opening lines of “Unpacking my record collection” the author quotes lines from “Unpacking my Library.” It is little instances like this that show the similarities in these texts. Which brings us to our final reading… that of “The Social Media Reader” which while being similar to the other reading goes into depth about how much they use social media and how the internet and media has affected their life.

These texts in a way show the evolution of media, portraying how the first way media was spread and in the form it was created. In this case it was writing and books, and Unpacking my library goes into great detail describing the reasons behind books and why collectors still collect. Which brings us to phase two of the media evolutionary process, with the help of technology lead us to the buying, sharing and downloading of music, whether legally or illegally. Shows the evolution for collecting books to collecting songs and music. With the final reading in the social media reader is showing how social media and the internet the final step in the evolution of media today is used, and how it is overused quite a lot. not to mention the fact that things like twitter and instagram are actually causing us to forget other forms of media like books and like collecting music.


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