Hit Clips

After reading Unpacking My Record Collection it brought me back to when I was a little girl in elementary school carrying around my “Hit Clip”. A hit clip was a tiny digital audio player that you could play your favorite songs for about a minute through headphones. The device was so tiny that it was nearly a keychain and attached were different ‘clips’ or songs. I remember everyone had them and we would always listen to each others and dance at recess. Everyones keychain/hit clip was personal to them, you could always tell who’s was who’s based on the amount of hit clips pertaining to a certain band or artist. My hit clip had every NSYNC song known to man while my friends had Britney Spears, Shaggy, and Back Street Boys. Yet, we all made sure to buy the God Bless the USA by Jump5 clip, sort of as a ‘friend ship’ song. With the invention of the iPads and iPhones it takes away that bond that connects us. You don’t see the wear-and-tear story of each cd rom or hit clip anymore. Today, the only way that personalizes a person to their music is playlists and for the most part they are private. Thinking about hit clips almost makes me upset of how happy they made me and my friends, I believe that feeling of nostalgia is almost eliminated in todays world and for the generations that follow. 


One thought on “Hit Clips

  1. Something so small has so much sentimental value. What is it about an iPod that can hold so much value, not just in terms of price, but the expression of you via music?

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