Not always-on

Even though I do have social media, it does not mean I am always active on it. In agreement with Danah Boyd, I think that there is a time and place where we might feel the need to take out our phone and be connected. When I’m in an awkward situation or just sitting around waiting for something, I will usually take out my phone just to spare me the awkwardness. However, when I’m with family and friends, I tend to keep my phone at a distance so I would not be tempted to check it. I will admit, that when I hear my phone buzz, I can’t help but check my phone almost immediately. There are ways to be disconnected from social media like deactivating it; social media gives us the option to disconnect if we simply don’t want it anymore. Social media is a part of my life , but I wouldn’t say that all my time is consumed by it. I enjoy in person interactions, honestly I’d rather an in person conversation rather than texting someone. Through in-person interactions, you see who the person really is, by their body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice.Everyone of course is different,others are more consumed by social media, but I don’t think that we all should be categorized by the media as “always-on”.

One thought on “Not always-on

  1. Relationships with family is certainly more valued more than friends. Why is it that it might be acceptable to text at the dinner table with your friends, but not your family? Is this just a matter of who you have more respect towards?

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