Order vs. Chaos

In “Unpacking My Library,” one quote in particular stood out to me. “Thus there is in the life of a collector a dialectical tension between the poles of disorder and order.” This quote in particular stood out to me because I believe it relates to the Internet and anonymity. On the Internet, there can be both chaos and order. On one side there are many things said on the Internet (whether they are on purpose or not) that can be seen in a negative light. A prime example of this would be Justine Sacco’s story. She posted something negative on Twitter but did not understand that chaos that was going to follow this tweet. The Internet is supposed to be seen as this “safe place,” but in reality, it is more a “free space” than a “safe place.” People are free to say whatever whenever they want without fear of any repercussions (Contextualized Discourse). On the other side, the Internet has some sort of order. It can (at times) be a “safe place” for people to say what they want without the fear of being judged. The Internet is a good place for people to find help and relate with others that are going through the same situation. It is all in the hands of the “collector” as to whether they use the Internet for good (order) or bad (chaos).

One thought on “Order vs. Chaos

  1. At times, we are the only ones who can understand our own mess. My collage of photos may not be created in a chronological order, nor a prioritized list, but rather my own organization of my own memories.

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