Unpacking My Library

“relationship to objects which does not emphasize their functional, utilitarian value—that is, their usefulness.”

Walter Benjamin speaks highly of his books as if they are his pride and joy. His obsession over them relates to the way we use the internet. The way he relates and connects to his books is similar to how people in today’s society connect with the internet. Why yes the internet is taking up space to the point it can be obsessive and become an addiction similar to Benjamin’s books. Many things on the internet can be taken the wrong way or interpreted incorrectly also known as chaos. The chaos between social media and our computers themselves collects more than we know. When we go on the internet we are being familiarized with information that is within the reach of a press of the button.

When we are on the internet, we are collecting things that we don’t even know about. For example, when we go on a website our computers automatically collect information in our cookies based on things we like. Also another unnoticed thing is your iCloud library. Every time a picture is taken on one’s phone it automatically saves to your photo library which is taking up unneeded space.


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