Negative effects of anonymous users

There are many negative effects of anonymous websites that arise online. USA today states that everyone does have the right to remain anonymous. Also, there is no specific law holding people back from being anonymous. For example, someone can go on a social media websites and create an anonymous username and do whatever they want. This specifically can change the identity of the internet allowing people to not be identifiable which can result in cyber bullying. From a large standpoint according to the NY Times, Yik Yak has made a huge negative affect especially on college campuses. Much of the post that were examined on this website, were very demeaning and in some way it would relate towards sexual harassment. This specific App that young adults use has caused a huge issue on the victims. In the last source, The Washington Post they states “It’s time to end anonymous comment sections.” Websites like Yik Yak need to stop allowing people to post in an anonymous manner. They are currently working on the “no anonymity” movement which will prevent people from posting things anonymously that can hurt others. This movement with help raise awareness that cyberbullying is not the answer.









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