Magic and Loss Religion

Virginia Heffernan took us on a journey through the digital world in Magic and Loss. The last chapter of the book is like a personal essay explaining her experiences throughout her life. One of the topics she takes on is religion. When she got to the University of Virginia she was meeting “Christians” for the first time. This is something everybody can relate to, as everybody undergoes a dramatic change in scenery at some time in their life. For me it was high school, going from a public school to an all boys catholic school. This change was dramatic and put me in a pretty uncomfortable position.

2 thoughts on “Magic and Loss Religion

  1. What made you uncomfortable? Did you feel that others were pushing their religious views onto you? Or was it just uncomfortable to be around people who were not like you?

  2. I’m very interested to know about your experience in changing from public to Catholic school. It must have been a completely different world.

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