Belief in something, even the iCloud.

Interesting to think of the iCloud having similar characteristics to that of the afterlife. Heffernan relates her photos to that of human souls and backing those pictures up to the iCloud as a form of heaven. The process of pictures changing when they enter a space where they live forever is exactly like a soul going to heaven. It is a bit of an unconventional way to prove to oneself that an afterlife could exist, but people believe what they believe.

In addition it was nice here Heffernan’s story about how she came to terms with her religion. It is my personal opinion that regardless of what it is you believe, it is very important to believe in something. Belief is the core of all human life and we need it just as much as we need oxygen. Belief gives us hope when life doesn’t give us reason to believe we have any. If you believe in nothing, you’ll fall for everything.

2 thoughts on “Belief in something, even the iCloud.

  1. If you need to believe in something, without facing the consequence that you’ll fall for everything, does it need to be religion?

  2. I too enjoyed reading about Heffernan’s religious journey. Passion keeps the world turning, keeps us debating and changing. If one stands by nothing, then he or she has nothing to feel passionate for in the face of opposition and aggression. However I also think that an even balance between convictions and open-minded thought is appropriate. If one has unfaltering convictions on every front, what other voices will he or she be able to hear?

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