Welcome to Turn On The Media.


For my Semester Project I decided to focus on millennials and the myths that surround them in an “On the Media” formatted parody. Millennials are described by many as the horrid generation born between 1982 and 2004. Word on the street is or well, how millennials are portrayed in the media state that, we millennials lack motivation, we are incredibly lazy, we have a terrible work ethic, we are irreligious, we are generally uninformed and unintelligent when it comes to history or politics and we don’t care to be informed either. We are too involved in our phones and social media. We rely too much on google, technology, Wikipedia.  We whine way too much and we are much too spoiled and entitled. An article by inc.com called “What’s Wrong with My Millennial Employees?” raised the question, “Does anyone under 30 want to work?”. I discussed millennials in their relation to technology, dispute myths and see how crippling technology really is to the millennial generation.  And I sat down with two people, to do just that, Maurice and Beverley Scott, my parents.  In the second segment I focused on the Danah Boyd article, “Participating in the Always-On Lifestyle”. She explains to us that “We are part of cohort that is always on.” Always on our phones, always checking social media, or google. It’s true that Millennials rely heavily on digital media to manage their daily life activities, stay informed and stave off boredom. But I wanted to hear another Millennial’s point of view therefore I interviewed, my best friends, Jamely and Brianna. Welcome to turn on the media.




One thought on “Welcome to Turn On The Media.

  1. Very creative podcast. And the interview being conducted with family members made the conversation very authentic, candid, and relatable. Good effort shown.

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