Dan & Rob Talk: The 2016 Presidential Election

For our project, we recorded a podcast on Soundcloud about the 2016 presidential election. We tied it into our research paper well, as we talked about the impact of social media in the 2016 election (Danny’s research paper), and how Wikileaks hurt Hillary Clinton (Robbie’s paper). We discussed these topics, and brought in an insightful guest in “Tony” to talk about his experiences as a Hillary Clinton supporter, and whether Wikileaks impacted his vote. This wasn’t easy, but it was a lot of fun. We had a great time recording it and played off each other well. It’s harder than we thought to record and edit a podcast to make it flow. We will probably continue this podcast and branch off into other topics. Politics are cool, it was fun, but we have interests greater than this that we would love to argue about. This was a fun project that taught us a lot about recording a podcast.

One thought on “Dan & Rob Talk: The 2016 Presidential Election

  1. Loved the “talkshow” feel of your podcast. Your project was clearly well-planned and thought out. And the current topics being discussed helped listeners to relate to some of the content that was being conversated. The sense of humor was a great touch, so that listeners can stayed engaged, without your podcast transitioning into background noise. Nicely done.

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