Semester Project

For both Maeve and my semester project, we decided to involve the media and create an Instagram page. The page we created was named Pure Bliss where we had a bunch of our friends and teammates send us pictures of what made them happy. After 2 weeks we were overwhelmed by the amount of people that found this page helpful and stress relieving. Once we received a photo we asked the person to send us a quote as to why this specific picture made them happy. When posting these photos we used two hashtags, #Purebliss and#Whatmakesyouhappy in order to filter the photo into groups. Using these hashtags also allowed us to get our page out to the Instagram world.

To expand on our project, we also made a website that people can view by clicking the link in our Instagram bio. This website allows followers and people in the world to get a sense of what Pure Bliss means and how we are going to make a difference. Both Maeve and I plan to continue with this Instagram page because our followers enjoy seeing what makes others happy.


One thought on “Semester Project

  1. I followed your Instagram account and look forward to seeing some more of the upcoming posts. Seeing an image, complimented with some motivational text, is a great way to grab the attention of young people. And Instagram, as well as some other forms of social media, is the perfect platform to do so. Independent blogs and websites do not attract followers as easily as a social media profile does. Well done!

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