The Mickey Mouse Law Explained

During class we got into the conversation of the Copyright Term Extension Act — Better known as the Mickey Mouse Law. I mentioned I saw a video on it and well.. here it is!

Around 1:30 in the video we go into the lobbying of Congress for extending this bill. It’s an interesting concept because you think of Congress being a fair force that promotes democracy but instead is (in a very loose term, hear me out on this one) being bribed to extend a bill on Copyright.

While this may be good for all new copyright holders (Disney is doing all the legwork on fighting for this right), it makes you wonder how long will congress allow Disney to extend the bill. More importantly, why doesn’t congress just extend it forever instead of having to go through this renewal process? It’s a lot of unknown motives, but as NYU Law Professor Christopher Sprigman says (2:16),

“Traditionally, the Walt Disney company has been very good at convincing congress to do what they want.”

On that note, I’ll leave you to imagine what bribes are going on behind close doors that the public has yet to know about.

— Katelynn DiBccari


2 thoughts on “The Mickey Mouse Law Explained

  1. Wow I completely agree, what is the point of setting a limit if you’re going to keep extending it. It seems like they keep putting off the issue by prolonging it rather than looking at what is actually going on and trying to permanently solve the problem. This arrangement seems to work for both parties, but doesn’t allow anyone else to use and contribute to the content. Makes you wonder what people are going to be allowed to use to express themselves if this keeps happening and more new copyrighted content becomes available.

  2. This is such an interesting piece specially since we have all (if not, most) grown up watching Mickey Mouse. What stood out to me the most was the quote that said, “Traditionally, the Walt Disney company has been very good at convincing congress to do what they want.” I sort of like this quote because it shows how most people love Walt Disney and his work. This might be why congress is so lenient when it comes to their needs and wants.

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