Podcasts of Choice: Adult Sh1t, How I Built This, and Bad With Money

Anyone who really knows me may know that I am not good with technology or remotely up to date with “current” social media. My siblings make fun of me because I’m always months behind what is currently popular. One of my younger sisters loves to watch Buzzfeed videos and happened to show me some of Kelsey Darragh’s video’s over winter break. One video was all it took. Her videos were hilarious. I soon discovered her podcast, Adult Sh1t, which she co-hosts with Kate Peterman. Each week they talk about topics/problems women face daily but are embarrassed to talk discuss. Kelsey and Kate are very candid about their own experiences as women enduring love, heartbreak, and adulting. A weekly podcast is released on Thursdays on itunes, soundcloud, and youtube. There are many ways to access the podcast but I personally like to listen to it on youtube. I love to have it on in the background while I’m getting ready or working on something else. While it is primarily a podcast the personality of Kelsey and Kate predominantly comes through the youtube video. I love watching the dynamic of Kelsey and Kate throughout the podcast mostly because they express their expressions on screen. I love this podcast because every week for an hour or so it feels like I’m sitting down with two of my close friends to have a chat. Kelsey is the loud-mouth friend who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and will no doubt tell you when you to order another drink. Kate is who I closely identify, she’s reserved and quiet but doesn’t let anyone take advantage of her. Next time you find yourself in a lull listen to an episode of Adult Sh1t and I’m sure you will wish you were a part of their friend group. I know I do!

My second podcast is something I stumbled upon without even trying. Long Story short, while job hunting the other day I somehow ended up on Gwyneth Paltrow’s website where I discovered the podcast How I Built This with Guy Raz. I instantly fell in love with the podcast and that has never happened with a podcast before except maybe Adult Sh1t. Each podcast is about forty minutes to an hour long and features a rising company or entrepreneur. For example, LinkedIn, Clif Bar, Chipotle, Bumble, Ben & Jerry’s Ben Cohen. I found this podcast largely inspirational because of where I am in my own life. I found it helpful to listen to others share their personal achievement on starting over or from scratch and becoming a successful company or entrepreneur. I’ll graduate in a few months and the prospect of finding a job is looming over my shoulders. Hearing these stories reminds me it’s never too late to do what I love or simply start over at any point in my life if I feel stuck.

The third podcast I chose was one I picked on a whim. I was flustered and wasn’t sure if I wanted to share Adult Sh1t for class. Bad With Money With Gaby Dunn, is a subject that is rather touchy with me. I hate discussing money or how much things cost. Whenever I swipe my debit card my heart beats a little faster and I turn my head to the right and shut my eyes in case my card gets declined. Why I do this? I’m not sure. I work two jobs and get paid weekly. Gabyly Dunn’s podcast was eye-opening for me because it forced me to sit down and listen to her discuss the issues our generation has with money. Each week she interviews a different guest, her father, mother, friends, boyfriend, or celebrities. During the interviews, she discusses how money has affected their lives and how they have approached spending and saving. In the process, she also answers basic questions about money that many are clueless about, me being one of them! If you’re looking for a fun lighthearted podcast to educate you on the value of money I’d definitely take a listen to Gaby Dunn’s Bad With Money and trust me you’re not alone!


One thought on “Podcasts of Choice: Adult Sh1t, How I Built This, and Bad With Money

  1. Pretty nice article! I loveeeeee Adult Sh1t. Did you hear the podcast with Ashley Perez? She recommended How I Built This too!

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