Previous NY School Shooter Supports Gun Control

This article is a bit old now, I wasn’t able to write about this last week due to the storms so I apologize for my lack of timeliness.
We talked about gun reform during class and the different sides of it. I acknowledge it’s a hard subject it was a very painful conversation for some but I think it’s important to bring it up again.
The too long didn’t read for the article is that a now convicted shooter for a past attempted school shooting wrote a letter to Times Union Executive Editor Rex Smith in response to Chris Churchill’s Feb. 21 column. The original article was written because it featured an interview with retired Columbia principal John Sawchuk, who tackled Romano and disarmed him before anyone got hurt. Despite what both sides of the argument believe, I found this very interesting because it shows the side of someone who has attempted a mass shooting trying to promote change. Sure, I will admit, Romano’s words on how he wants to promote gun control once he leaves prison are a bit vague for my liking. However, it does show that the needs for change is even important to gun owners and even previous shooters alike. Whatever that change may be is very much debatable and I won’t influence this post with my own opinions, but my question to you all is do you think Romano is being genuine in his letter? Likewise, do you think all mass shooters, dead or alive, regret their actions in the same way that Romano did?

– Katie DiBiccari


One thought on “Previous NY School Shooter Supports Gun Control

  1. I think this is an interesting conversation because it looks at the mental health state of mass shooters. Many of them would not regret the decisions they made and would probably do it over again. But for some, including Romano, must have a conscious is that making them feel regret for their actions. Whatever anger he felt towards the institution at the time could now be alleviated and he could ahve a different mindset then he had previously. Having him endorse gun control I think is very powerful to show that these shooters are still people and have deep emotions that lead to their actions. The fact that he supports gun control says that he regrets his actions and wants other people who suffer from mental illness to get the help they need before it is too late.

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