Gentrification in Sunset Park BROOKLYN! Research Proposal and Sources, Taide Acevedo

Main Focus for Research Project: 

The Gentrification Sunset Park Has gone in the past 10 years and who it benefits and or affects.

Areas of Focus in Sunset Park: 

-Industry City

-5th ave.

-NETs facility work out gym

-Bush Terminal



Gentrification in Sunset Park Brooklyn, and the opinions of those being affected and benefited:

The place where I reside, is a place that for twenty one years has taught me how to survive. It is the place I call home, down to the aroma of taco trucks and street vendors that make your tastebuds dance, to the booming sound of tropical music that makes your soul scream and chant where the hot humid air rising from the sewer caps fumigating the streets with pestilent odors and the sight of a rich multicultural neighborhood. It is Sunset Park Brooklyn, the place I call home. In this literature review I will discuss the changes Sunset park and other gentrified cities like Williamsburg, Prospect heights, Harlem has undergone. There has been a huge influx of college students, hipsters, and starving artists moving into a neighborhood that was known to be dominantly latino, African American and Asians. All these changes are occurring due to Gentrification. Gentrification is a renovation or improvement to a certain district (specifically low class) in order to appeal or accommodate middle class individuals (Freidheim 2016). Throughout this Research I would like to answer several questions; Does Gentrification have an effect with the ultimate quality of life for residents of any age, race or gender for the community of Sunset Park Brooklyn? Gentrification is striking down almost every part of Brooklyn. Sunset park seems to be the next neighborhood where an abundance of change has been occurring without the input of their immigrant residents nor the tenants that have been in Sunset park for decades. This community lives and breathes unsanitary living standards with several factories and fossil fuel discharge that affect their everyday life and yet, have do not have a voice to be heard about these concerning living standards. Gentrification has been changing some of these hazardous environments but the real question is why now? I will be using different electronic platforms in order to explain Gentrification in Sunset Park and it Pros and Cons it brings with them.

Videos and Some Articles being used for Research:




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