Are students able to concentrate better or worse during 8 am classes?

A very common debate that comes up, especially during college is whether or not 8 am classes make students concentrate better or worse.

Since this semester is my first time taking an 8 am class, I find this topic interesting. I have heard different opinions and thoughts from students, some say that it helps them concentrate better; however, many others (including me) think that it is harder to concentrate.

Personally, I find an 8 am class to be harder to pay attention to. This might be because I am not an “early bird” and I cannot stop thinking about taking a nap. However, when I look around the room, I can see some people really engaged in the class while others are half asleep.

I know this question has been asked a million times, so there is a lot of different sources out there that it becomes overwhelming. Something I find interesting is that most of us, started at 8 am every weekday during high school. When we get to college, most of us, tend to push classes towards later times. Why is this? Is this something most people do? or is it the other way around?

I would like to spark up a small conversation and see what you guys think about early classes, to gain more information on this topic.

-Pilar Quellet



3 thoughts on “Are students able to concentrate better or worse during 8 am classes?

  1. I weirdly am a morning person. I know as an athlete we wake up every day at around 6/6:30 in the morning and then have to go compete for a spot on the field for an hour and a half. So I think yes, being able to focus in the morning definitely sets your day up for success. I think that if you are up for more than 15 minutes before that 8 am class, you most definitely should be able to function enough to focus as much as you could focus at a 10:45 class.

  2. For me personally I tend to be more focused in an earlier class. By my third class of the day I feel more tired and pay less attention. I think when you wake up early it is something that you get used to. I also think it really depends on the person.

  3. I always thought that high school classes should start later in the day. My first period throughout high school started at 7:40am. I never went to bed early, because I was irresponsbile and did not understand the importance of sleep. This also applies to so many other high schoolers across the country and people are becoming sleep deprived because classes being so early, earlier than they need to at least. When the average workday begins at 9am for most businesses why should kids have to be sitting in class by 7:40am? I strongly believe they could push back class times at least an hour, and allow our kids to get a little more sleep. I would say the same for college, as I don’t think classes should begin before 9:20am, as I think that is early enough.

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