Four-day school week

Something that I found interesting…

Colorado school district wants to switch to a 4-day school week instead of 5. Students would attend classes Tuesday-Friday and have Monday off. Each school day will be extended 40 minutes longer. The reason for this change would help teachers and staff better plan their lessons. It will help to recruit and retain quality teachers, minimize disruptions, and save money. This district will hear a reply sometime in June to determine if this schedule will be set in place. “There are 98 other districts in Colorado who have adopted the 4-day school week.” This switch seems popular and the majority of people are for it. On the other hand some parents say it is a hardship, since they still have to work a 5-day week and it will interfere with their work schedule. Although, families can pay 30 dollars per child for 12 hours of day care service on the Monday they have off.

I personally think this is a good idea, but also see where the parents are coming from. What do you guys think?

-Rachel Stasolla






2 thoughts on “Four-day school week

  1. I actually think that is super interesting. I actually go to school only Monday-Thursday here at Manhattanville and I think it makes a huge difference in being able to organize my life. I find it easier to get work done, have time to study, and organize what I am doing and when I am doing it. I’m not exactly sure how students would respond to a longer school day, but besides that I really do think 3 day weekends are extremely beneficial.

  2. I like the idea of having the four day school week as this is something I would be in favor for if I were still a high school student. I think the change in schedule would be conducive to the student’s learning process and help retain more information. Yet the issue with no parental supervision on monday’s is a viable reason to reject this idea. If you place these kids in child care on monday’s, they will still have to wake up early and be taken to a place where they are supervised all day, similar to that of going to school. In my opinion, if kids are going to be out of home in a place where they are supervised by adults all day, they may as well be at school.

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